Revenge sucks (nightclub) it certainly does, does it not?Each little bit of clothing and accessory that

Revenge sucks (nightclub) it certainly does, does it not?Each little bit of clothing and accessory that

1)honey trap (map, between 22 and 4u, at the least seven days played, at the least 250$) ( general public variation) then you need 50 fitness, 25 if you have the martial arts skill If you lose then your stats drop and you lose 500$ if you want to beat Danny

2)revenge sucks (nightclub) it certainly does, does it not?.3)going for the swim (family room, between 20 and 0u, Sasha and Bree are not within the room) Unlocks Lexi for normal game play Unlocks kissing Unlocks dating.Side-events Jack and Lexi: 1) date interrupted (on a night out together with Lexi during the shopping center, at the very least 75lp).2) pimping made simple (between 16 and 17u, 5% chance) state not necessarily and okay to keep this course (now where’s my feather cap and cane!).3) well which was effortless (speaking with Lexi, 5% opportunity ) You lose 10lp (along with your immortal heart, you heathen!)

Minor occasions: 1) medication breasts (park, between 0 and 5u, at the least 75lp)

– once you have won sufficient lp become allowed into the restroom alongside Bree you’ll be able to go your security to 7u – avoid viewing television with Sasha at 19, it can take 2 hours and hence you miss evening meal time (and therefore lacking you Bree points) – in Samantha’s wedding course you can purchase a cookbook, providing you the cooking ability – you can get clothing and add-ons into the garments shop and equip them in your bed room (head to stock within the sidebar), you are able to equip one bit of clothes and 1 accessory at exactly the same time – swimsuit (garments shop,150$) enables you to swim when you look at the pool during hot months which provides you +1 fitness, additionally unlocks having fun with girls within the pool, additionally raises your physical physical physical fitness feature by 10 in the event that you equip it, in the event that you begin in a hot month then I will suggest getting it asap – sporting clothing (garments shop,150$) enables you to jog when you look at the park which provides you +1 fitness, in addition it unlocks the fitness center where you are able to spend 100$ for 30 days, the hefty exercise provides an enormous boost in fitness: moreover it raises your physical fitness feature by 10 in the event that you equip it, in the event that you begin in a cool month then I would recommend getting hired asap – fancy garments (clothes store,150$) increases your charm by 10 (despite my own choice, the leather coat raises just 5 for 100$), in addition it provides you with use of the nightclub and fancy restaurant date – the tweed blazer (clothing shop,100$) may be the only clothes which raises your knowledge (+5), the rest either raise fitness or charm – the learning machines work by each having to be able to raise their characteristic by 1 in the event that you go to bed – you cannot supply the woman’s presents once they’re at your workplace or studying (you can not for instance give Sasha the spiked collar right away if she is here) – times are not constantly great for all types of woman, simply because one girl did not similar to associated with tasks doesn’t invariably imply that them all will not

Clothing Each piece of clothing and accessory that adds 5 to a trait will definitely cost 100$ and every that adds 10 to a trait will cost 200$ Dependent on the faculties for the girls each bit of clothes and accessory you wear has the possibility of including 1 to your dpl, if numerous faculties connect with the exact same woman then both will count(as an example on Sasha the leather jacket features a 40% potential for gaining 1lp and 20% potential for 2 lp).Clothing: Fancy clothing, charm +10, pacifist (20%), princess (20%) (also unlocks the nightclub location additionally the fancy dinner date) Leather jacket, charm+5, submissive (20%), rebel (20%).Tweed blazer, knowledge+5, bookworm (20%) household (20%) perspiration jeans, fitness+5, sportsy (20%), principal (20%) Funny shirt, charm+5, geek (20%) playful (20%) army fatigues, charm+5 submissive (20%) gourmand (20%) Sport clothing, fitness+10 sportsy (30%) (also unlocks the fitness center location additionally the run within the park task) Swimsuit, fitness+10 sportsy (30%) (also unlocks the waterpark location, the waterpark date and swim and sunbathe in the pool activities.Accessories: Luxury watch, charm +10, pacifist (20%), princess (20%) Cool sunglasses, charm+5, submissive (20%), rebel (20%) Geeky pen, knowledge+5, bookworm (20%) household (20%) Sport shoes, fitness+5 sportsy (20%) principal (20%) Funny badge, charm+5, geek (20%) playful (20%) Military boots, charm+5 submissive (20%) gourmand (20%)

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