Fun reality: There’s a differenciation for the reason that community for the droid term.

Fun reality: There’s a differenciation for the reason that community for the droid term.

Android is comin from the greek prefix “andr-” for guys. It’s the definition of particularly useful for male-shaped/styled robots, whereas gynoid (gyno-) can be used for the feminine equivalent. These prefixes additionally got their-philia that are own. Androphilia could be the attraction that is sexual masculinity, and gynephilia feminity.


Attraction to transform someone / being transformed in to a statue.

Usually lived down by using bodypaint, as well as in some full instances once again hypnotherapy. Fantasywise usually lived away with art. Often additionally viewed as an element of the ASFR, probably particulary the alt. Component.


Attraction to make somebody / being changed into a bit of furniture)

There are many different variants of this being lived down, by using extravagant constructions, hypnotherapy, bondage, humiliation and so on. You can find variations because of this both in intimate and non-sexual nature out here. Intimate relief place, seats, tables, lampstands, art designs, chandeliers, as well as other sorts all happen seen on the net currently. As well as in dream art it’s also very popular.

Another fetish that is usually attached to the above may be the

Encasement Fetish

Becoming stimulated whenever enclosed in several means.

This comes for instance great deal with plastic dollification, or additionally simply generally speaking plastic. In the end Total enclosure fetishism – having system enclosed in a product – does additionally count as encasement. Another fandom this can be quite popular in is spandex zentais, but not just. There are lots of materials this will be being done with. Nilon pantyhoses, plastic, pvc, metal (or cosplay that is similar, see as an example gear fetish or robots) and even more.

Other variations of encasement consist of methods and items like vacuum cleaner bed/cubes/towers, sleepsacks, and items that are linked to it, such as for example:

Cast fetishism

Attraction to casts/ a shell that is immobilizing individuals putting on them.

The attraction here doesn’t originate from just exactly exactly what most people that are normal visualize it with here, medical center damage. The overwhelming bulk really dislikes that. They nevertheless like their tiny tranny health completely intact. It will be the vulnerability which you create, plus the overcoming thereof, plus the closeness you create with showing such vulnerabilityto your spouse. The bondage aspect involves it too. And therefore kink can get most of the way as much as immobilization that is full encasement.


Attraction to wrapping the complete human body in a way that stops motion.

I believe that term describes it self. It’s a bondage confinement thing.


Being put in a plushie/stuffed animal suit.

Which is not just like furry, even though the fursuits on their own also belong partially to the category I’d suspect. The expression for intimate attraction to stuffed toys or individuals in animal costume, such as for example theme park figures yet other people btw. Is known as Plushophilia.

In the event that you had to categorize furries, it could be a variety of plushophilia/encasement fetishism (fursuits), toonophilia/schediaphilia (cartoon figures), most likely fur fetishism (item fetishism), encasement or change fetishism, and most likely something such as (auto-) anthrozoophilia (humanized depicture of animals). Thats a serious line, maybe not that I’d likely be someone to talk xD

These above also have another plain part of common, or at the least frequently combined/associated along with it.


The love or arousal to/of that is due, thight spaces and also the confinement therein.

Yeah, there genuinely is a genuine acronym to the only you hear on television or from others more often than not. Whereas some individuals instinctually worry those places, other people are actually drawn to the rush that is neurochemical induce for them, as well as the feel of security, according to their construction.

Methods for such include among the list of above cell that is also classic, bondage coffins, storage space containers, travel cases/suitcases, as well as others.

All of these fetishes in many cases are mixed and combined in all kinds of methods, up to we probably can fantasize or produce things of. It’s area of the enjoyable we have with this individual imagination. The next time we shall reach also a lot more of these.

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